QRecruiter recruitment software

The HR tool you've been looking for

Platform independent

Works on all operating system and all modern browsers

QRecruiter features

Here is a list of some of our features

Integrated agenda

Manage your interviews inside the QRecruiter agenda

Synchronize calendars

Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendars in QRecruter agenda

Manage your clients

If your are HR Company, you can organize your jobs per client

Full activity

Track all activity from the applicants


Company statistics

Various statistics and reports for your company


Job statistics

Various statistics and reports per job


Invite Candidates

Invite applicants to your other job postings


Job link

Get public job link with Apply functionality.


Embed Job

Get iframe integrated job, so you can integrate it on your website.


Post to job board

You can choose to post your job advert on our job board


Dynamic application form

Choose from various fields you want applicants to fill


Job documents

Manage job documents like contracts,interview material, etc.



Get different notifications on your email or inside your browser


Many HR Agents

Create as many HR agents as you need



Organize your jobs per department


Email Integration

Setup your email account, and use it for communication with the applicants


Email Templates

Use and Edit email templates according to your needs.


Advanced search and filter

Search and filter by various people details


Send Additional questions

Create and send additional questions to the applicants


Predefined experience

Setup a list of experience titles you want applicants to choose


Tag applications

Tag your applications and search by tags


Application log

Track all progress of an application


Invite for an interview

Invite an applicat for an phone/skype/office interview.


Book interview

Choose a date/time from your agenda or let applicant choose


Re-assign an application

Assign an application to another colleague.


Move/Copy an application

Move/Copy an application to another job.


Reject an application

Reject an application and send an email to the applicant.


Offer contract

Upload and offer contract to an applicant.


Archive applications

Archive the older applications.


Share an application(s)

Share an application(s) via link or share with clients


Send message/ Email

Send email message to an applicant directly


Receive email

Automatically show emails from an applicant in the message tab.



Evaluate applicants' additional questions


Application notes

Add notes with evaluation for an application


Application feedback

Add feedback with grade for an application, or ask feedback from a colleague.


Bulk actions

Share,Archive,Assign,Additional questions,Reject to multiple applicants with one click.

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